Wood Species and Finishes

Legend Cabinetry has you covered with a wide range of popular wood types, paints and stains to match your style.


One-of-a-kind cabinetry begins with the unique colors and patterns found naturally in every piece of wood. Choose from a variety of woods and stains that match your lifestyle — and fits your budget.

High Density Fiberboard (HDF).

Harder than standard wood — and used on all of our painted doors and drawer fronts — HDF comprises ground-up wood compressed during a high-heat manufacturing process. It doesn’t expand and contract like most woods, so it’s more resistant to expansion and cracking from environmental changes.


Dense, straight-grained hardwood offering rich, uniform coloring. When stained, birch tones vary slightly from the natural characteristics of the wood.

Rustic Birch

Hand-selected to showcase more pronounced variations of the wood, rustic birch reveals more color variation, graining, streaks, burls and pinholes. Note: Rustic birch is not available on face frames, finished ends, moldings or accents.

Rotary Cut Veneer

Real wood veneer, bonded to an engineered core, then edge banded with wood edge banding on door panels and drawer fronts. A contemporary look introducing natural grain patterns and color tones.


Our proprietary tinted varnish paint finishes offer vibrant rich colors and are more durable than onsite finishing. Our craftsmen use infrared ovens and sand by hand with each finishing coat to ensure optimal results.



Our water-based stains offer incredible coverage for a high-quality, consistent look. Stain offers a breathtakingly beautiful finish to tight-grained woods such as birch. In addition, our stains help reduce environmental emissions.



Our multi-step, oven-cured finishing process enhances the natural beauty of wood while fortifying the wood against the hazards of everyday life. Our finish meets or exceeds all industry requirements and recommendations.