Building on Tradition

For more than 30 years, friends and business partners Harry Roers and Dean Stanton have built — and rebuilt — cabinetry manufacturing companies.

Their first venture, Woodland Cabinetry, was founded as a family-owned company offering mid-priced custom cabinetry. The company has thrived, currently employing about 250 people in Sisseton, South Dakota.

In early 2020, Roers and Stanton purchased a defunct 164k square foot cabinet manufacturing plant in Cottonwood, Minnesota.

The plant — formerly a booming business for the small town — had recently been shuttered, which put 220 people out of work and devastated the local community. With the creation of Legend Cabinetry, we are reintroducing those jobs into the market, reviving the community and helping rebuild the American cabinet industry to battle the low-priced, lower-quality offshore imports that have decimated the U.S. cabinetry industry in recent years.

Legend Cabinetry comprises a leadership team of sales representatives and manufacturing experts with extensive cabinet industry know how, including many of the former Cottonwood cabinet workers who bring decades of experience and skilled craftmanship. Our product line has been strategically designed and marketed to compete favorably with the import products. We rely on American labor and skills, American-made components, faster lead times and unmatched customer service.

We’ve built Legend Cabinetry on a sturdy, proven foundation of affordable price points, high-quality product and more responsive, localized customer support.

Our custom-stock doors, drawer fronts and face frames are made in Minnesota. The plywood is from Texas, and the finishes come from multiple North American Sherwin Williams plants. Our systems and processes are designed to eliminate back orders and streamline the order and build process. As a result, our supply lines are measured in only 2 to 4 weeks — much faster than the 3 or 4 months required by imported products that are manufactured overseas, shipped on pallets in pieces and assembled in the U.S.